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Executive Summary
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Headware 3in1 provides a a multi-purpose headwear system configured for providing a wearer with three head-worn items in one hat. The present invention is superior to other systems in that it effectively allows the wearer to selectively wear or store components of the hat within the hat when not in use.


The Headware 3in1 is designed as a first in multi-purpose headgear for the Covid-19 age.  No need to carry multiple pieces by having  a hat, a mask and neck protection all in one.  It's fully convertible no matter the environment or circumstances.  The interchangeable components are designed to enable unique branding opportunities for teams and event organizers.

Product Description

With the onset of Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines, the Headware 3in1 provides a simple and effective method to keep adherence to Covid-19 guidliness and protect against weather elements.  

While in use, the Headweare 3in1 can transform into a multitude of styles and provide unique utility to the wearer.

Intellectual Property Protection

The Headware 3in1 is the subject of Patent Pending in North America. Other territories are being considered on an as-needed basis.